This is the founding story of how “Your Philanthropy Story” background, current and next baby steps.
It all started at the Indian Institute Management Bangalore Alumni leadership conclave held in Bangalore on 11th to 13th December 2015. The first session on the 12th December 2015, was a “in conversation” panel between Mr. Azim Premji (Chairman, Wipro Ltd) and Ms. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Chairman and MD, Biocon Limited). The panel touched upon how Premji Foundation works to improve primary education and Mr. Premji’s views on philanthropy. There were a couple of things that Mr. Premji touched upon during that one hour panel that touched the core of the founders – Shivananda Koteshwar and Smitha Hemmigae. They were:
  • Is there an ideal age to give and become hero?
  • Culture of philanthropy that we Indians need to develop
  • My individual contribution is very small when compared to the organization or management
  • Raising funds for a cause outside work is much tougher than raising money/time for someone at work
  • What should organizations do to sustain sustainability initiatives
  • Need for a platform to connect heroes who can contribute money/time for causes close to their heart
On listening to this the founders realised that there was a need for a platform where common man who was involved in “giving” should be made hero – hence ”Your Philanthropy Story” was born. Also the platform looks to connect heroes. The platform also aims to connect donors to the cause. The platform can also inspire their own employees to contribute to the causes they are passionate about.
With this thought, a website was created to house the “hero” stories. Weekly interviews of such heroes and a monthly coverage of a great philanthropy story is charted. A resources area where individuals who would like to volunteer for a cause, by giving funds or time – both being invaluable. On the launch day, we at “Your Philanthropy Story” are beaming with joy. Thank each one of you who have helped us on this journey. Our gratitude to the first set of heroes who agreed to get featured, and will be special to our journey. Hope you have liked what you have read here, and come back more for next week, to see your new hero.
Next baby steps
Each one of you have the potential to be the next hero and be featured on this site. We were very fortunate to have the help of so many to create this initiative -“Your Philanthropy Story”. We know others may not find the same support. So we hope that the individuals and corporates will come forward and join hands to create many heroes going forward. We remain grateful for the many hours our mentors and advisors spent in the creation of”Your Philanthropy Story”. We are proud of “Your Philanthropy Story” creating new philanthropic heroes and promoting the growth of philanthropy.
Your Philanthropy Story